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Hamra Area, Lebanon

Hamra Area, Beirut

608 m

Hamra is a lively Lebanese neighborhood in the heart of Beirut. It is well known for its central street, Hamra Street, which is bursting with pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. Hamra's nightlife is upbeat and entertaining, but it also has a serious side; The American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American Univeristy are both located in the Hamra area.

Hamra is the art district of Beirut where plenty of art museums, exhibitions, and theaters are located. During the day Hamra street is a friendly shopping area where you can window shop and enjoy the nice weather and atmosphere. At night, Hamra transforms into the perfect place for clubbing and partying.


American University of Beirut - AUB, Lebanon

American University of Beirut - AUB, Beirut

802 m

The American University of Beirut is a private university located in Beirut, Lebanon. It is internationally recognized and degrees awarded by the university are registered with the New York Board of Regents. It is ranked 1st of the American universities located outside of the United states of America. AUB is located on Bliss street, in Beirut.64 buildings make up the AUB campus. There are 5 libraries, 3 museums, 7 dormitories and a medical center, The American University of Beirut Medical Center. AUB is home to several faculties and schools, The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, The Faculty of Healthy Sciences, The faculty of Medicine, The Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Zaituna Bay, Lebanon

Zaituna Bay, Beirut

1.9 km

Zaitunay Bay is Beirut's newest and trendiest spot to hang out, dine, relax, and tour. A hip and cool boardwalk in the center of Beirut, this hot spot is the place to go for weekend outings with the family as well as date nights on the town.
This waterfront promenade has more than a handful of chic and upscale restaurants to choose from, and what makes it even more enjoyable is the stunning Beirut skyline.

Beirut Souks, Lebanon

Beirut Souks, Beirut

2.3 km

The Beirut Souks is a major commercial district in Beirut Central District. With over 200 shops spread on a 128,000 sq m. it is Beirut's largest shopping area. Beirut Souks are yet another architectural achievement, where the practicality of modern designs embraces historical and cultural heritage. The Souks turned into an “open area” offering a unique journey that takes the visitor far beyond the shopping mall experience.

Beirut Souks expose a bunch of local and international jewellery brands from classic to trendy, elegant to glamorous.

Whether you prefer interiors or modern outdoors, Beirut Souks restaurants and cafes will satisfy your taste with a unique historical setting. From the four corners of the world, enjoy all types of cuisines in venues that are exclusive to Beirut Souks in Lebanon.
Children are a great part of Beirut Souks exciting activity where they can enjoy and go wild at the Planet Discovery

Beirut Souks brings people together to celebrate life and share unforgettable moments of pleasure. From concerts to fashion shows, street animations and outdoor events.


Opening time: 10am-10pm

Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Downtown Beirut, Beirut

2.4 km

Downtown Beirut, also known as ''Centreville'', is the vibrant center of Lebanon's financial, commercial, and administrative districts. Beirut's downtown area is home to quite a few famous mosques, churches, ruins, and historical sites such as the Roman Baths (an ancient Roman thermae) located between Banks and Capuchin Street and was originally discovered in 1968-69. Beirut Souks, one of the largest shopping areas of the country, is also located in the Downtown Beirut.

A monument which stands out and which Downtown Beirut is known for is the Martyrs' Square statue,as well as the clock-tower which is located at the center of Nejme Square, or ''Place de l'Etoile'' which is home to the Lebanese partliament.

Music Hall, Lebanon

Music Hall, Beirut

2.6 km

Music Hall is one of Beirut's most iconic and legendary live music venues and cultural hub. It was launched in 2003 by visionary entrepreneur Michel Elefteriades and is the perfect destination for those who appreciate immense live music, an exclusive atmosphere and tasty food.

It hosts more than 10 unique acts from around the globe per night ranging from a series of diverse stage performances of Latin, Gipsy, French and Oriental to Opera, Rock, Reggae, and many other genres, making it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.

Opening time: 10:00 p.m - 4:00 a.m

Fees: $60+

Gemmayze, Lebanon

Gemmayze, Beirut

2.8 km

Gemmayze is an old district full of tiny streets and breathtaking historic buildings from the French era. The area is mostly known for its bars, pubs, restaurants, and lounges which are scattered around the streets and alleyways. Beirut's nightlife is always alive in this area, making "Gemmayze" a household name.

Achrafieh, Lebanon

Achrafieh, Beirut

3.6 km

Located in the Eastern province of Beirut, Achrafieh is one of the oldest, most delightful places in Beirut with a lovely architectural combination of traditional as well as luxurious buildings. A vast number of both residential and commercial infrastructures like coffee shops, luxury stores, restaurants, clubs and several others make it the ultimate place for every day and night as well as touristic activity.
Several other smaller neighborhoods are located in this area, with the major ones being; Sassine Square which is known as one of the most famous commercial, social, as well as political focal point in Lebanon. Another is St. Nicolas where important buildings are situated like the Sofil building, Ivory Building, Sursock House, and the Sursock Museum. Last but not least, comes Tabaris / Abdel wahab where also, a lot of important buildings are found like the Achrafieh Tower, 812 Tabaris, Yared buildings, Metropolis, L'Hermitage, Fal Towers, Jardins de Tabaris, Sight II, and Beirut Heights.

Mar Mikhael, Lebanon

Mar Mikhael, Beirut

3.9 km

The Mar Mikhael district of Beirut is undeniably the city’s most booming location right at this time. Its rise has been so rapid that it can be a challenge just keeping on top of all the latest bars, restaurants and cafés in the area. The neighborhood is named after the Maronite Catholic Church of St. Michael, which is located on Rue Pharoun.

Al Mandaloun Club, Lebanon

Al Mandaloun Club, Beirut

4.9 km

Al Mandaloun Club is located in Ashrafieh in the busy Mar Mikhael street inside an old theatre.The whole theater has been renovated to give it a modern twist while looking like a train station. When looking for a fabulous night out to drink or dine, look no further than Al Mandaloun as it provides live musical performances and also has a VIP section.

Opening time: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

Beirut City Center Mall, Lebanon

Beirut City Center Mall, Beirut

5.9 km

Beirut City Centre is centrally located in Hazmieh, with convenient access from all road networks and has a unique offer of over 180 specialty stores from Victoria’s Secret to Marks and Spencer, Pottery Barn and many more spread across 60,000 square meters divided into three floors. Beirut City Centre is one of Lebanon’s largest modern shopping, leisure and entertainment destinations.

Beirut City Centre offers an outdoor rooftop restaurant, a food court with 16 different food outlets, a multiplex cinema, a family entertainment centre (Magic Planet) a huge space dedicated to children’s entertainment, Carrefour, a 12,857 sqm hypermarket spread over three floors having the lowest cost items of any supermarkets in the country and a convenient indoor parking.
A visit to Beirut City Centre will guarantee your expectation; you will definitely leave carrying full bags!

Opening time: 10am-10pm

City Mall, Lebanon

City Mall, Beirut

7.7 km

CITYMALL is the ultimate one-stop destination for all shopping lovers, bringing you the best in clothes, shoes and accessories.The mall is located in Dora highway on a rectangular land of 70,000 SQM, bordering the region's three major axes. Its area is divided in a way to facilitate access to the Hypermarket, the stores and the restaurants. Glass walls, sky domes, as well as air-conditioning and internal heating systems allow the visitors to experience ultimate comfort.

Explore all four floors and discover:

- A large number of stores including the famous BHV, a full line department store carrying more than 70,000 items.
- A hypermarket with 11,000 SQM of shopping area, offering gourmet and premium imported goods along with local merchandise.
- Cinemacity is a ten-screen multiplex, with full Digital Screens among the LARGEST in Lebanon.
- The one and only ice skating arena in Lebanon offering also entertaining events and various activities.
- An impressive food court including a variety of cafés and famous restaurants to meet all guest expectations.

Opening time: 10am-10pm